An Organization’s Success and a Three-Factor Model of Leadership: Evidence from Harvard University

Published in: Interchange

Jun 01, 2022

/ Bayan Farhan

The study illustrates the leadership role in an academic organization and investigates the leadership approaches that might account for an organization’s success. Leadership at Harvard University is studied as a case study to characterize leadership legacy and to explore whether or not a combination of three leadership factors might be indispensable to the success of academic organization. This study is conducted through a thematic design. Short quotes are reviewed to provide a practical analys...


A Hypothesis on Rationalizing Decisions by Constructing Personal Realities

Published in: Int. J. of Economics and Business Research

Jan 12, 2022

/ Mahmoud Askari / Ghaleb El Refae

In this paper, we propose a hypothetical model to show how people construct their realities, and how they subjectively rationalize their decisions and actions. We hypothesize that when making individual decisions, what matters is the reality as perceived by individual decision makers, regardless of the objective or subjective approach to reality. The paper attempts to study the link between perceived reality (subjective reality), and how people rationalize their decisions and actions. The pap...


Multi-agents collaboration in open system

Published in: International Arab Journal of Information Technology

Dec 01, 2021

/ zina houhamdi / Belkacem Athamena

Share constrained resources, accomplish complex tasks and achieve shared or individual goals are examples requiring collaboration between agents in multi-agent systems. The collaboration necessitates an effective team composed of a set of agents that do not have conflicting goals and express their willingness to cooperate. In such a team, the complex task is split into simple tasks, and each agent performs its assigned task to contribute to the fulfilment of the complex task. Nevertheless, team...

Conference Paper

Assessing Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Using online Reviews

Published in: The 17 Scientific Annual International Conference for Business

Oct 26, 2021

/ Kholoud AlQeisi / Shorouq Eletter

Prevailing communication technologies nowadays allow for consumers ex-changing and sharing views over many products and services and the prevalence of the online media furtherly accelerated e-WOM influence. E-MOW is considered valuable for customers, both existing and potential, to extract in-depth information about marketing offers in an objectively reduced effort or cost. Online reviews project major influence on consumer decisions; correspondingly customers lacking previous experience with a...


Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Quoted Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria: An empirical investigation

Published in: African Journal of Business and Economic Research

Oct 21, 2021

/ Mosab Tabash / Ahmed Abou Samak

This paper studied how firm governance affects the performance of quoted deposit money banks in Nigeria. The paper aimed to ascertain the effects of board size, board composition, and gender diversity after controlling for firm age and firm size on financial performance. The study was predicated on stewardship theory, agency theory, and resource dependency theory. Data was fetched from the financial statements of all quoted deposit money banks. The study utilized a panel regression method to ex...


Accrued Forecasting On Tourist’s Arrival In Bangladesh For Sustainable Development

Published in: Geojournal Of Tourism And Geosites

Sep 20, 2021

/ Mosab Tabash / Ahmed Abou Samak

Forecasting of potential tourists' appearance could assume a critical role in the tourism industry, arranging at all levels in both the private and public sectors. In this study our aim to build an econometric model to forecast worldwide visitor streams to Bangladesh. For this purpose, the present investigation focuses on univariate Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA) modeling. Model choice criteria were Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE), Mean Absolute Error (MAE), an...

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