Designing business intelligence (BI) for production, distribution and customer services: a case study of a UAE-based organization.

Published in: Business Process Management Journal.

Feb 01, 2021

/ Mohammed Nuseir

Purpose Business intelligence (BI) is a strategic approach that can use analytical tools to collect and integrate information, apply business rules and ensure the appropriate visible output of organizational information. This study aims to present the design and implementation of BI in areas of business process improvement for production, distribution and customer services. Design/methodology/approach This study highlights the process of BI in the production, distribution and customer serv...


Factors influencing the choice of studying at UAE universities: an empirical research on the adoption of educational marketing strategies

Published in: Journal of Marketing for Higher Education

Jan 01, 2021

Dr. Mohammed nuseir Dr.Ghaleb Alrefae

This study empirically examines different factors that influence students to select universities in the UAE. The primary data were collected based on a survey of students at two public universities – United Arab Emirates University and Zayed University, as well as three private universities – New York University, Abu Dhabi University, and Alain University. The data were analyzed using an ANOVA test, an exploratory factor analysis (EFA), and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) using SPSS and Smar...


Urgency towards economic diversification through effective reforms in Caspian Basin


Dec 04, 2020

/ Tahira Yasmin / Ghaleb El Refae / Shorouq Eletter

This paper highlights that, in the Caspian Basin, the COVID-19 pandemic and oil price fluctuations have cast negative impacts on oil-exporting economies. These resource-abundant economies have faced revenue contraction and dwindling budget expenditures due to oil price changes. This study has examined export and economic diversification analyses for all economies and has concluded that the Caspian region cannot achieve full economic diversification due to over-dependence on oil revenues. Most o...


Structural Transformation and Impact of Oil Price Change in Saudi Arabia Economy: Input-Output Structural Decomposition Analysis

Published in: Structural Transformation and Impact of Oil Price Change in Saudi Arabia Economy: Input-Output Structural Decomposition Analysis

Dec 01, 2020

/ Tahira Yasmin / Ghaleb El Refae / Shorouq Eletter

Structural change and economic growth processes have various impacts on both the micro and macroeconomic levels. The current study aims to shed light on various aspects of sectoral changes in the Saudi Arabian economy due to oil price shocks, which have profound effects on economic growth in various sectors. This paper re-attempts to explore the various sectoral changes by using an input–output structural decomposition analysis for 2010 to 2015. The main focus is on changes in the economic stru...


Potential impacts of blockchain technology on business practices of bricks and mortar (B&M) grocery stores

Published in: Business Process Management Journal

Dec 01, 2020

Dr. Mohammed Nuseir

Purpose This paper investigates the impact of blockchain technology on the Bricks and Mortar (B&M) grocery sector from a technological and functional perspective. Design/methodology/approach The research adopted an exploratory research design and the data comprises 17 semi-structured interviews with personnel at the top grocery retail chains in the United States, for example, Wal-Mart, Tesco, Stop and Shop and Meijer. Additionally, two major US-based blockchain service providers are includ...

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