Conference Paper

Digital Healthcare Provision Policies in United Arab Emirates (UAE) Amid COVID-19

Published in: Digital Economy, Business Analytics, and Big Data Analytics Applications

Sep 27, 2022

/ Tahira Yasmin / Ghaleb El Refae / Shorouq Eletter

The COVID-19 crisis has caused sudden pressure on health sector all around worldwide to meet the emergent safety and care needs. The pandemic has caused many governments to invest in technology to meet the increased healthcare demand. In the same lines, current study discussed the various digital solutions used in UAE healthcare sector amid pandemic. These solutions helped to facilitate people at wide scale while dropping the infection rate in the country. The adoption of technologies also disp...


The role of artificial intelligence, marketing strategies, and organizational capabilities in organizational performance: The moderating role of organizational behavior

Published in: Uncertain Supply Chain Management

Sep 15, 2022

/ Mohammed Nuseir / Ghaleb El Refae

Currently, artificial intelligence and marketing strategies have become significant factors for improving the business capabilities that lead to improved business performance. Thus, the current study investigates the impacts of artificial intelligence and marketing strategies on the organizational performance of the tourism industry in the UAE. The present study also examines the mediating role of organizational capabilities in linking artificial intelligence, marketing strategies, and organiza...


The effect of sensory marketing factors on customer loyalty during Covid 19: Exploring the mediating role of customer satisfaction

Published in: International Journal of Data and Network Science

Sep 01, 2022

Aljumah Nuseir El Refae

The loyalty of the customers is very important for the survival of the organizations. Therefore, the prime objective of the present study was to examine the effect of sensory factors namely visual factors, auditory factors, and touch factors on customer satisfaction and loyalty. For this purpose, data were collected from the respondents of restaurants in the UAE in the form of survey questionnaires. A convenience sampling technique was adopted for this purpose. The usable response rate from the...


Digital marketing and public relations: A way to promote public relations value

Published in: International Journal of Data and Network Science

Sep 01, 2022

/ Mohammed Nuseir / Ahmad AlJumah / Ghaleb El Refae

The objective of this study is to determine the relationship of digital marketing as a wide emerging marketing tool, in developing public relation values for modern business in the globalized competitive era of mature markets. For this study, the cross-sectional data were collected by 450 respondents including the people as customers, and the managerial staff of the different well-reputed organizations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The findings of this study highlight that there is a clear...

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