Retention contracts with asymmetric information: optimistic approach vs pessimistic approach

Published in: Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting

Jan 01, 2023

/ Belkacem Athamena / zina houhamdi / Ghaleb El Refae

Purpose: This paper aims to focus on the utilization of retention contracts to screen and discipline managers in a context in which the council, board of directors, possesses incomplete information about the consequences of managers’ decisions. The analysis enlightens us on empire building, on the slight connection between achievement and firing, and describes concerns about the belief that low achievements result from bad managers. Design/methodology/approach: This paper analyzes a basic model...

Conference Paper

Numeric Big Data Analytics for Successful Decision Making: A Case Study from the Retail Industry in Canada

Published in: 2022 International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT). IEEE.

Nov 22, 2022

Mahmoud Yousef Askari Ghaleb A. El Refae

This paper proposes that the successful analysis of big data in the retail industry is the key to successful business practice, and is an essential ingredient for successful decision making in many industries. In this paper, we present a case analysis of the use of numeric big data analytics to discover the decline in profits while sales figures are rising during promotion weeks at a Toronto-based retail chain store. We also discuss why big data analytics should be seen as a key practice in the...


Women Leadership Effectiveness: Competitive Factors and Subjective and Objective Qualities

Published in: Cogent Social Sciences

Nov 10, 2022

/ Bayan Farhan

The purpose of this study is to identify the competitive factors that contribute to leadership effectiveness for women. I posed two research questions: How do women lead? And what are their competitive factors and leadership qualities? I used an instrumental cases approach to investigate the top 10 women CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies in 2021 and better understand how competitive factors and subjective and objective leadership qualities may drive women leadership effectiveness. Using an exp...


Behavioral biases in trade credit policy: does it matter for financial performance?

Published in: Asian Journal of Accounting Research

Oct 05, 2022

Purpose: Corporate firms often follow their peer firms to articulate multiple financial decisions. Among the others, trade credit policy is a vital financial decision that can impart its dynamic role in achieving financial efficiency. Therefore, the current analysis aims to assess the role of herding behavior in determining the trade credit policies of corporate firms and its relevant effect on corporate financial performance. Design/methodology/approach: For this purpose, the financial data of...


The effects of employee commitment and environment uncertainty on product quality: The mediating role of supply chain integration

Published in: Uncertain Supply Chain Management

Oct 01, 2022

/ Ahmad AlJumah / Mohammed Nuseir / Ghaleb El Refae

The main objective of the study was to test the relationship between the uncertainty of supply chain, employee commitment and product quality with the mediating role of supply chain integration. The uniqueness of the study is that it focused on the mediating role of supply chain integration in the automobile sector of United Arab Emirates (UAE). This research is quantitative in nature. For the analysis, structural equation modelling is used. The population of the present research is the employe...

Conference Paper

Digital Healthcare Provision Policies in United Arab Emirates (UAE) Amid COVID-19

Published in: Digital Economy, Business Analytics, and Big Data Analytics Applications

Sep 27, 2022

/ Tahira Yasmin / Ghaleb El Refae / Shorouq Eletter

The COVID-19 crisis has caused sudden pressure on health sector all around worldwide to meet the emergent safety and care needs. The pandemic has caused many governments to invest in technology to meet the increased healthcare demand. In the same lines, current study discussed the various digital solutions used in UAE healthcare sector amid pandemic. These solutions helped to facilitate people at wide scale while dropping the infection rate in the country. The adoption of technologies also disp...

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