Customizing leadership practices for the millennial workforce: A conceptual framework

مايو 13, 2021

/ Bayan Farhan

This study is a critical review of literature to develop a conceptual framework that offers new insights on the complicated interaction between the millennial workforce and leadership competencies. The current study applies contingency approach as a theoretical foundation to answer the question of which leadership practice is suitable for leading the millennial workforce. The study contributes to research on leadership by developing a theoretical framework in which the contingency approach beco...


Funding Higher Education as a Strategic Good of a Nation

أبريل 22, 2021

/ Mahmoud Askari / Ghaleb El Refae

In this paper, we propose that higher education should be seen as a strategic good of nations. We argue that Higher education is neither a private, nor a public good, and that its facilitation by governments, and its attainment of citizens is critically required for the wellbeing of a nation. As well, we use the partnership funding model of higher education as a framework to facilitate the strategic investment in higher education by economically capable governments. We used enrollment and fu...

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