Smart Contracts and Blockchain-Based Tools for Privacy-Preservation

سبتمبر 01, 2023

/ zina houhamdi / Belkacem Athamena / Ghaleb El Refae

This research paper aims to investigate smart contracts and Blockchain technology to build a privacy-sensitive application focusing on a Digital Medication Plan (DMR) containing prescriptions. The DMR is used just as a use case. However, the proposed model applies to any context where confidential information is shared and authentication or proof of validity is necessary. We start by presenting the problem to understand the necessity of digitalizing the medication plans and how Blockchain techn...


Impact of religious tourism on the economic development, energy consumption and environmental degradation: evidence from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

مارس 01, 2023

/ Mosab Tabash / Ghaleb El Refae / Belkacem Athamena

Purpose: Saudi Arabia is the main destination of religious tourism, as it has many spiritual places. With the passage of years, the figures for pilgrim visits are increasing, which is contributing to the economic growth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). However, pilgrims’ visits can create strong opportunity costs in the form of environmental degradation. Owing to these notions, this study aims to discover the impact of religious tourism on the quality of the natural environment of Saudi Ar...


Funding Higher Education as a Strategic Good of a Nation

يناير 01, 2023

/ Mahmoud Askari / Ghaleb El Refae

In this paper, we propose that higher education should be seen as a strategic good of nations. We argue that Higher education is neither a private, nor a public good, and that its facilitation by governments, and its attainment of citizens is critically required for the wellbeing of a nation. As well, we use the partnership funding model of higher education as a framework to facilitate the strategic investment in higher education by economically capable governments. We used enrollment and fu...


Retention contracts with asymmetric information: optimistic approach vs pessimistic approach

يناير 01, 2023

/ Belkacem Athamena / zina houhamdi / Ghaleb El Refae

Purpose: This paper aims to focus on the utilization of retention contracts to screen and discipline managers in a context in which the council, board of directors, possesses incomplete information about the consequences of managers’ decisions. The analysis enlightens us on empire building, on the slight connection between achievement and firing, and describes concerns about the belief that low achievements result from bad managers. Design/methodology/approach: This paper analyzes a basic model...

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