An Organization’s Success and a Three-Factor Model of Leadership: Evidence from Harvard University

يونيو 01, 2022

/ Bayan Farhan

The study illustrates the leadership role in an academic organization and investigates the leadership approaches that might account for an organization’s success. Leadership at Harvard University is studied as a case study to characterize leadership legacy and to explore whether or not a combination of three leadership factors might be indispensable to the success of academic organization. This study is conducted through a thematic design. Short quotes are reviewed to provide a practical analys...


A Hypothesis on Rationalizing Decisions by Constructing Personal Realities

يناير 12, 2022

/ Mahmoud Askari / Ghaleb El Refae

In this paper, we propose a hypothetical model to show how people construct their realities, and how they subjectively rationalize their decisions and actions. We hypothesize that when making individual decisions, what matters is the reality as perceived by individual decision makers, regardless of the objective or subjective approach to reality. The paper attempts to study the link between perceived reality (subjective reality), and how people rationalize their decisions and actions. The pap...

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