Dean's Message


Welcome to the College of Business (COB). Everyone involved with the College of Business is united under a common goal; to advance and develop the overall educational level in Al Ain University. All of COB’s faculty members are inspired by culture and religious values that contemplate the importance of seeking education. Each one of us believes that we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to press forward in benefit of the public interest as a whole. College of Business believes that every student should become a member of the college. That is every student becomes part of a community of scholars; a community made up of experienced academics, support staff and the student body. COB approach is “Student-centered learning” which puts students' interests and needs first, acknowledging student voice as central to the learning. COB encourage all members of learning community to be active learners, working to enhance the educational opportunities available at COB. The concept of community and continuity alongside the academic effort is then at the heart of all activity within the COB. Fundamental to this is the development of relationships, between professors and students, between professor and professor and between both professor and student with members of the support teams. COB remains committed to enabling all its students to benefit from a sound University education that is research-informed.

As Dean of the COB, when I see what our students and graduates are doing, what they have achieved, when I see the contributions our faculty and staff are making, and when I contemplate the passionate energy that encompasses the school, I am humbled and overjoyed. But I know there is much more each of us can and must do to meet the enormous challenges ahead. Only then will we have the satisfaction of knowing that our college has contributed to the advancement and success of UAE society.

Dr. Adel Ahmed

Dean of the College of Business