Development of a techno-humanist model for e-health adoption of innovative technology

Published in: International Journal of Medical Informatics

May 17, 2018

Jamil Razmak Charles H Belanger Wejdan Farhan

Background and Purpose: After investing billions of dollars in an integrated Electronic Medical Records (physicians) and Personal Health Records (patients) system to allow both parties to manage and communicate through e-health innovative technologies, Canada is still making slow adoption progress. In an attempt to bridge the human and technological perspectives by developing and testing a holistic model, this study purports to predict patients’ behavioral intentions to use e-health application...


The impact of public expenditures on real exchange rate dynamics in Algeria

Published in: Global Business and Economics Review

May 15, 2018

/ Mahieddine Ghecham

The objective of this study is to examine the role of government spending in economic diversification process of Algeria. This is achieved by investigating the impact of the government spending on the real exchange rate. This follows on works done on the topic of Dutch disease. The outcome of this study shows that although the relationship oscillates over time, the increase of the government spending leads to the depreciation of the RER. The findings underpin interesting implications with regar...

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Causality between economic growth and investment in the United Arab Emirates

Published in: International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 2018, Vol 15, No 4

May 08, 2018

/ Salem Al Jundi Mohammed Seghir Guellil

The study aims to work out the exact pattern of causality between economic growth rate and each of investment categories in the United Arab Emirates. Causality is examined by numerous researchers. However, few have studied the relationship between growth and investment at macroeconomic level. To the best of my knowledge no one investigates this topic in the UAE. We demonstrate long-term effects of the investment shares in non-oil gross domestic product on economic growth using cointegration and...

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Evaluating the Usefulness of E-Learning Management System Delivery in Higher Education

Published in: International Journal of Economics and Business Research

May 06, 2018

/ Nasser Taleb

Learning management systems (LMSs), such as Moodle, has been used by many academic institutions to improve teaching and student learning experience. This paper examines the use of LMS as a course delivery system and an electronic assessment (e-assessment) tool for improving the learning process. This study analyses educators’ perspective on the use of Moodle based on effectiveness, helpfulness, user-friendly interface design, and flexibility in delivering online courses. Quantitative and ...

Conference Paper

The Government-Citizen Partnership as a Social Contract for Higher Education Funding

Published in: 2st AFU International Conference: Towards Advanced Scientific Knowledge in Business Sciences

May 01, 2018

/ Mahmoud Askari

This Empirical study introduces the partnership approach as a social contract for higher education funding in which the three life stages of citizens (the learning stage, the working stage, and the retirement stage) can be used as a guiding rationale to support the full government funding of higher education. The paper assumes that the lifelong partnership of governments and learners can be fair if each party were to pay its fair share of the costs. The study assumes that the relationship bet...


Using the technology acceptance model to predict patient attitude toward personal health records in regional communities

Published in: Information Technology & People

Apr 08, 2018

perceives the usability of electronic personal health records (PHRs) and, in the process, to increase Canadian patients’ awareness of PHRs and improve physicians’ confidence in their patients’ ability to manage their own health information through PHRs. Design/methodology/approach – The authors surveyed 325 Canadian patients living in Northern Ontario to assess a research model consisting of seven perceptions of PHR systems used to manage personal health information electronically, and to as...


Enhancing internal communication in organisations using enterprise social networking

Published in: International Journal of Economics and Business Research

Apr 04, 2018

/ Abdallah Al Shawabkeh / Faten Kharbat / Jamil Razmak / Amer Qasim

Effective internal communication is crucial for organisations' success as it affects the ability of strategic managers to engage employees and achieve objectives. At the end of year 2013, over 90% of Fortune 500 companies had partially or fully implemented an enterprise social network within their organisation (Fee, 2013). As the knowledge shared over enterprise social networking has been proven to have a significant positive impact on work performance. It should be in every organisation's best...

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