Enhancing internal communication in organisations using enterprise social networking

Apr 04, 2018


Published in: International Journal of Economics and Business Research

/ Abdallah Al Shawabkeh / Faten Kharbat / Jamil Razmak / Amer Qasim

Effective internal communication is crucial for organisations' success as it affects the ability of strategic managers to engage employees and achieve objectives. At the end of year 2013, over 90% of Fortune 500 companies had partially or fully implemented an enterprise social network within their organisation (Fee, 2013). As the knowledge shared over enterprise social networking has been proven to have a significant positive impact on work performance. It should be in every organisation's best interest to utilise this tool to its maximum potential. The research aims to examine the impact of internal communication and enterprise social networking. This was tested through the formation of eight sub-hypothesis and analysis of data from the survey. The study showed that there were positive correlations between each of the key success factors of using enterprise social networking and internal communication. This implies that enterprise social networking is a tool which can be utilised to improve internal communication between employees.

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