Marketing communication in the digital age: Exploring the cultural historical activity theory in examining Facebook's advertising platform

Feb 04, 2020


Published in: International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management

Facebook is the leading social media platform, with more than 1.8 billion users. The growth of Facebook has been a phenomenon, and the demographics of its users cut across all social strata. Businesses have taken note of Facebook's online presence and are increasingly advertising on Facebook. To understand the role of Facebook in creating the link between businesses and clients, we drew on a theoretical framework that identifies the importance of technology mediation between subjects and objects. The cultural historical activity theory (CHAT) explicates the role of technology as a mediator between different groups of users. This theory identifies five key components, or 'mediating factors', that enhance the users' ability to beneficially employ technology. The use of Facebook to reach customers was explored within the theoretical lens of CHAT. This research examined the advertising trend on Facebook over the last ten years by focusing on the reasons why it has gained popularity among firms. The study proposes that marketing professionals consider using the CHAT framework in order to understand the mediating role of social media platforms in facilitating effective marketing campaigns.

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