Crafting a web-unique value proposition using the concept analysis technique

Jan 01, 2019


Published in: Global Business and Economics Review

Publisher: Inderscience

/ Ahmad Ghandour

Abstract View references (35) Online value proposition is an integral part of websites because it identifies the reason why customers will click on, return, register or buy from the website and feel motivated to share their experience. The purpose of this paper is to develop a framework for identifying competitive web value propositions for e-commerce website. This paper outlines a conceptual analysis of value proposition for e-commerce website combined with the value life cycle in a manner that offers managers a tool to create a web unique value proposition. The result of this paper is the four-cycle process which is an exercise an organisation can undertake in its own organisation’s context. Such exercise would be a group activity enabling them to achieve a shared understanding while developing a clearer conceptualisation of the online value proposition concept.

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