Abdelhafid Belarbi, Ph.D


Al Ain Campus

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Ph.D. Economics, University of Cincinnati, USA

Master of Art, Economics, University of Cincinnati, USA

Bachelor of Economics, University of Oran, Algeria

Research Interests

Higher Education Risk Management, Assymetric Information in Higher Education, Industrial Organization and Managerial Economics, Islamic Economics & Finance.

Selected Publications

  • Remache, A., & Belarbi, A. (2019). Adapting ICT in higher education in the developing world: influencing dynamics. International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies12(3), 264-284.
  • Refae, G. A. E., Belarbi, A., & Askari, M. Y. (2019). Understanding the invisible hands of incentives. Global Business and Economics Review21(1), 3-13.
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  • Refae, G. A. E., & Belarbi, A. K. (2017). University governance and educational AAU model: an organisational culture approach. Global Business and Economics Review19(2), 239-249.
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Teaching Courses

Microeconomics (U), Macroeconomics (U), Priciples of Economics (U), Managerial Economics (G), Innovation and Entrepreneurship (G).


Adapting ICT in higher education in the developing world: influencing dynamics

Published in: International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies

Aug 09, 2019

/ Abdelghani Remache / Abdelhafid Belarbi

The frenzy of information and digital communications marked the 21st century by modernising societies and levering living standards. Policy makers of all economic spheres in the developed world reckon that information and communication technology (ICT) investment fosters economic development and performance. Recent studies in the USA and Europe indicate that investing in ICT helps achieve high growth rates in every sector of the economy. Building on recent literature reviews, this paper argues for the importance of ICT integration in higher education institutions (HEIs) in the developing world and proposes some of the major influencing factors that can help translate ICT integration into reality and serve as a major stimulant for economic development. The paper also reveals how investing in ICT enhances economic performance while focusing on the specific opportunities and the challenges obstructing the acquisition and adoption of ICT by the developing nations.