Abdelhafid Belarbi, Ph.D


Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024820



Economics, Univ. of Cincinnati-USA

Master of Art, Economics, University of Cincinnati, USA

Bachelor of Economics, University of Oran, Algeria

Research Interests

Higher Education Risk Management, Assymetric Information in Higher Education, Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization and Managerial Economics, Islamic Economics & Finance.

Selected Publications

- Ghaleb Awad El-Refae and Abdelhafid Belarbi (1999) An Explicit Treatment of C-V-P Models Based on cost Minimization,  Journal of Commerce and Finance, No. 1, Tanta University, Egypt.
- Abdelhafid Belarbi, Ghaleb Awad El-Refae and Jamal Abu Rashed (2010) Social Capital and Education: An Islamic Perspective, Global Business and Economics Review, Vol.2, Issue 2, USA.
- Abdelhafidk. Belarbi, Ghaleb A. Elrefae and Jamal Abu-Rashed (2012) Issues of asymmetric information in public private partnership contracts within Jordanian health care sector, International Journal of behavioral and healthcare research, Vol.3, No.1, USA.
- Abdelhafid K. Belarbi and Ghaleb A. El-Refae (2012) Education Incentives in the Gulf Area:An Analytical Approach,Global Business and Economics Anthology, Vol.2, USA

Teaching Courses

Microeconomics (U), Macroeconomics (U), Statistics (U,G), Managerial Economics (U,G), Marketing Management (G), Innovation and Entrepreneurship (G).


Arab Society for Economic Research-Egypt,  Jordanian Economists Association- Jordan.