Master of Business Administration

About the program

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at Al Ain University (AAU) is designed for business professionals who seek future mobility and promotion in the work environment together with those who intend to proceed with their postgraduate studies.

After completing an MBA, professionals can advance more rapidly in the business community and achieve their long-term goals and objectives in occupying leading managerial positions. In addition, successful completion of the program will allow the graduate to proceed for postgraduate studies (PhD).



A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at AAU is designed for business professionals who seek future mobility and promotion in the work environment together with those who intend to proceed for their postgraduate studies.



MBA program equips participants with knowledge, skills and competence to be able to lead and tackle local and global business challenges keeping in view human values, ethics and social responsibility in strategic decision making.


Goals and Objectives

The MBA program aims to:

  • Provide students with high-quality education at internationally-approved standards to enable them, after graduation, to make successful managerial decisions at optimal levels of managerial competencies.
  • Prepare highly skilled graduates to meet the market demand for professional managers in all business functions.
  • Enhance students’ business professional skills for sound decisionmaking process at relevant managerial positions in all types of business organizations.
  • Help students to build a personal professional value system necessary to conduct business and make decisions according to high ethical standards of business conduct.


Learning Outcomes

MBA Learning Outcomes (PLO) have been developed in accordance with the Qualification Framework Emirates ( QFE Level 9). At the end of MBA program, a graduate is expected to be able to:

No.ThemeProgram Learning OutcomesAligned with L9 QFE  Descriptors
1 Managerial knowledge Apply comprehensive business knowledge to situations in a local and global business environment. QFE 2,4,6
2 Concentration Demonstrate an advanced and integrated knowledge and skills needed in the field of study (Management, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Human Resource Management, MIS, Marketing).  QFE 6 
3 Communication Communicate effectively through oral presentation, report writing and state-of-art technology to support organizational effectiveness. QFE 5
4 Problem Solving Apply research and analytical skills to address highly complex challenges in business environment. QFE 1,2,4
5 Critical Thinking Demonstrate critical thinking ability and use of highly developed cognitive skills to find feasible and innovative solutions to complex business problems. QFE 1,2
6 Leadership and Teamwork  Demonstrate ability to lead and effectively participate in teams to implement and coordinate organizational activities. QFE 6
7 Autonomy and Responsibility  Demonstrate autonomy, responsibility and continuous self-development in managing professional practices in highly complex environments. QFE 6,7,8
8 Ethics and Social Responsibility  Integrate relevant business ethics and corporate social responsibility concepts and practices in management decision-making.  QFE 2,3,9