The College of Law Celebrates Mother's Day

The College of Law at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus), in collaboration with the Student Affairs Deanship, organized a celebration on the occasion of Mother's Day, in the presence of Dr. Ramzi Madi, Deputy Dean of the College of Law, and Dr. Nuha Hamada, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, along with deputy deans of other colleges, faculty members, administrative staff, and students.

The celebration included several segments, starting with a video honoring the Mother of the Emirates and celebrating her role. An impactful video, prepared by university students, expressing their love, gratitude, and appreciation for their mothers, as well as acknowledging their sacrifices, was also showcased.

Dr. Aliaa Zakaria, an associate professor at the College of Law, delivered a lecture discussing the importance of motherhood and its impact on society.

The event also included honoring several mothers of students, in recognition of their valuable contributions to their children's lives and academic journeys.

The aim of organizing this event by the College of Law is to express gratitude and appreciation for mothers, highlighting their constant support and dedication, and emphasizing their vital role in shaping personalities and shaping society as a whole.


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