A religious lecture titled "Few Days"

The Student Affairs Deanship (Abu Dhabi Campus), in collaboration with the Human Resources Unit and the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments, organized a religious lecture titled "Few Days" presented by Professor Sulaiman Al-Habash, the Senior Preacher.

The lecture included several points for reflection and benefiting from the blessed month of Ramadan, including sanctifying the month of Ramadan and its blessings due to the revelation of the Quran therein. The preacher spoke about the significance of this noble month, reminding us that it is an opportunity to draw closer to Allah through various acts of worship and obedience. Additionally, emphasis was placed on the importance of utilizing each day of the blessed month of Ramadan in worship and drawing closer to Allah.

Professor Sulaiman also stressed the utmost importance of maximizing the benefits of Ramadan through dedication to worship, obedience, and abstaining from sins. In conclusion, the lecture emphasized the importance of preparing for the last ten days and preparing to receive the nights of destiny and the blessings of Allah in these blessed days.


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