Ramadan Iftar for Al Ain University Community


In the presence of Dr. Noor Al-Deen Atatrah, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al Ain University, and Prof. Ghaleb Al-Refae, the AAU President, Al Ain University organized a Ramadan Iftar for the university community at its campuses in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. The university is committed to holding this event annually to foster positive social cohesion among officials and employees, strengthen bonds of love, brotherhood, and communication among them, and imbue a sense of spiritual atmosphere during the holy month, which contributes to enhancing employees' sense of belonging and positively impacts overall performance.

The attendees enthusiastically engaged in competitions and entertainment activities held after Iftar, aimed at breaking the work routine and creating a fun atmosphere. Subsequently, everyone exchanged congratulations in a heartfelt atmosphere of brotherhood and cooperation on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, invoking the Almighty to assist everyone in fasting and standing for prayers.


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