AAU Enhances Freshmen’s Knowledge during the Orientation Day

The freshmen students from the College of Pharmacy started their academic year 2021-2022 by attending the welcoming meeting that was organized by the College of Pharmacy in both campuses Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, they discussed the most important topics that the student should be aware about while studying pharmacy at Al Ain University.

In this meeting, freshmen students got to know about the course registration, the curriculum, the course description and the credit hours of the bachelor of pharmacy program, which amounted to 160 credit hours. The students also got to know about their rights and responsibilities, and the importance of academic guidance.

The meeting also focused on two aspects, the first one was the academic fraud and penalties, and the second one was about the importance of using the electronic courses which are available through the university's website.

As for the community interaction part, the meeting showcased the most important conferences and exhibitions which can be attended by the College of Pharmacy students, most prominent; ”DUPHAT”, as one of the most important exhibitions in which students can participate with their own projects. In addition to the activities and events organized by the college and the most important committees that will be developed soon.

Dr. Khairi Mustafa, Dean of the College, said that, the College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University is keen on achieving its vision and mission in providing a high quality education and teaching by having a group of highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Also, by organizing different conferences, scientific events and entertainment activities that contribute in serving the local community, and to promote the student’s skills until they graduate.

Prof. Mohammad Ghattas, Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy, welcomed the new students and wished them to have a great academic year full of positivity and successes, advised them to work hard, and stressed the keenness of all professors in the College of Pharmacy is to support all the students.


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