AAU Organized Awareness Lecture about “Information Security”


In Collaboration with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), The college of Business Administration at Al Ain University- Abu Dhabi Campus,  organized an awareness lecture entitled: “Information Security and Cyber Blackmailing”, for the students of MIS course, delivered by Engineer Nouri Safwan from Policies and Programs Department in the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), and under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Ghandour from the College of Business Administration at the university.

For such topic which is taught to students who study MIS at the university, it was deemed necessary to inform students to their best practices in which they can reduce the risks and threats to information systems and its databases. This is in line with the college of Business objectives of developing students’ scientific capabilities. 

At the end, Dr. Ahmad Ghandour thanked Engineer Nouri Safwan for his valuable information and to the TRA who kindly responded to the college request. Dr. Ghandour hoped this would open doors for future cooperation between the two institutions.




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