AAU organizes the 7th Annual Environmental Day 2024

The College of Business at Al Ain University recently held its Seventh Annual Environmental Day under the theme "Climate Change and its Impact on Economic Development in the 21st Century". The event was organized jointly by Dr. Mosab I. Tabash, Dr. Shorouq Eletter, and Dr. Tahira Yasmin. The University's president, Prof. Ghaleb El Refae, presided over the event, which was attended by deans, faculty from other colleges, staff, and students. The event's primary objective was to raise awareness about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG4, SDG7, and SDG13. Different views from experts, academicians, students, and researchers enriched the day. The event began with a welcome speech by Dr. Zafar Husain, Dean of the College of Business. He discussed the College's role in promoting sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility in Business.

During the Environmental Day event at Al Ain University, the speakers shared their insights about environmental sustainability and climate change. Aisha Al Mazroui, Project Manager of the Sustainable Campus Initiative from the Environmental Agency- Abu Dhabi (EAD), talked about the different initiatives EAD took and encouraged students to participate in their activities to help create a clean and green environment. Dr. Tahira Yasmin from Al Ain University discussed the "Degrowth Strategy" for Combating Climate Change Challenges globally and in the UAE, highlighting the cost of climate change to economic development. 

For the first time on Environmental Day, a student-to-student panel discussion took place where students discussed the relationship between climate change and economic development. They concluded that climate change poses multifaceted challenges to economic growth, such as disrupting agricultural productivity, leading to food shortages and price volatility.

All University colleges participated in the event by setting up booths reflecting their commitment to protecting the environment. Additionally, a plantation drive for Ghaf trees was conducted on the university premises, sponsored by Barari Natural Resources, with the participation of the AAU President, faculty members, and students.

Al Ain University is part of the Sustainable Campus initiative supervised by the Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency and has ranked high in UI Green Metric World University Ranking, Sustainability Ranking, and Impact Ranking. The University is increasingly focusing on addressing urgent environmental issues.


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