Mahieddine Adnan Ghecham, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133587


PhD-Economics, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

MA- Economics, Manchester University (UK)

PG-Diploma- Money and Banking, University of Birmingham (UK)

Licence (Honours)- Economics and Finance, National School of Administration (Algeria)

Research Interests

My research falls, though not exclusively, within the area of Economics and Public Finance. It covers topics that deal with various issues such as: Governance and economic performance; Income distribution and growth policies; behavioral economics of education.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications:


Idriss, A., Ghecham, A. and El Barghouthi. “The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Conventional and Islamic Banks of the GCC”. International Journal of Finance and Economics (forthcoming)


Ghecham, M. A., Hamada, N. “The role of informal institutions in explaining student’s academic engagement. The case of Al Ain University of Science and technology”. Journal of International Education in Business (forthcoming)


Ghecham, M. A. (2018)“The impact of public spending on real exchange rate dynamics”. Global Business and Economics Review. Vol. 20, No. 3, pp308-326


Ghecham. M.A., (2017) “The Impact of Informal Sector on Income Distribution: Could Concentration of Income be Explained by the Size of Informal Sector?”. International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues. Vol 7. Issue.1. pp. 594-600.


Ghecham, M.A., (2015).“The impact of trade liberalization on real exchange rate: Could trade openness bring economic diversification in Algeria” International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies. Vol.8. No.3.pp262-279


Ghecham, M.A., (2010) “How the interaction between Formal and Informal Institutional constraints determines the investment growth of firms in Egypt.”(Journal of African Business, 2010, Vol.11. issue2, pp. 163-181


Ghecham, M.A, (2008) “Insider and Outsider hypothesis revisited: the case of the Tunisian Business Environment”. The Business Review, Cambridge. Vol. 10. Number 2.


Jones, O., Thorp, R., Macpherson, A, and Ghecham, M.A., (2007)"The evolution of business knowledge in SMEs: conceptualising strategic space". Strategic Change Journal,Vol.16. issue 6. pp281-294.




“Informality and Income Distribution in Developing Countries-An Institutional Perspective”. Business and Economics Society International Conference (2016). UAE


" The role of Informal Institutions in explaining student's engagement in UAE Universities. Case of AAU. Business and Economics Society International Conference (2015). UAE


“Corruption; Yes, but what corruption” Poster submitted and accepted for the Internet Center for Corruption Research (ICCG). The Economics of Corruption. Passau, 2008


“Insider and Outsider hypothesis revisited: the case of the Tunisian Business Environment”. Business Review (2008) (International Business and Economics Research Conference) Los Angels, June 11-14, 2008


Organizational Learning and Performance in SMEs, Organizational Learning. Knowledge and Capabilities Conference, London Ontario, 14-17 June.


“Formal  and Informal Institutional Constraints and the Management of Firms in Developing  Economies: The Case of Egypt” (ESNIE conference;  May, 2006)

Teaching Courses

Experience in teaching the following courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level:

Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Managerial Economics; International Business Management; International Financial Management; Scientific Research Methodology; 


Higher Education Academy (UK)- Fellow