AAU organizes a workshop about the Islamic Insurance



Al Ain University hosted Mr. Mohammad Al Hawari, Executive Managing Director at Takaful Emarat Company and Mr. Oun Al Smadi, Administrator at the company, where they presented a lecture about Islamic Insurance, organized by the College of Business at Al Ain Campus, under the supervision of Dr. Shorouq Al Eter and Dr. Mosab Tabash, and attended by Dr. Noor El Deen Atatreh, AAU Chancellor, academic staff from the college and the students.

 The workshop focused on the meaning of Islamic insurance, its importance, the difference between it and the traditional insurance, the aims of Takaful company, its future vision, and the principles of the company, such as, solidarity and joint guarantee, self-reliance and self-sustaining for community well-being, assist those that need assistance, community pooling system and Shari’ah approved investments and products.

Dr. Atatreh appreciated the efforts of the guests to present the workshop and praised the positive role played by the Takaful Emarat Company in the insurance sector and the quality of services provided by the company to the members of the community in the field of Islamic insurance.

Mr. Hawari expressed his pleasure to present this workshop at Al Ain University, stressed on the importance of community and knowledge communication, in the Takaful Company to benefit the company, students and the educational community.

Dr. Al Eter, praised the workshop, the lecturer's efforts and praised the interaction of the students 

At the end of the workshop, the discussion was opened and the Al Ain University honored the guests in recognition of their efforts.


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