A Scientific Visit to “Deloitte & Touch” company for the students of College of Business


A visit was carried out to one among the Big Four Auditing firms in the world, “Deloitte & Touch” in Abu Dhabi for the students in Business College (Operational Auditing course) in Al Ain University -Abu Dhabi Campus. The visit was initiated, planned and arranged by Dr. Riham Muqattash, along with Mr. Yousef Srouji (Consulting, Public Sector) in Deloitte & Touch. The main objective behind the visit was to make students aware about the various auditing activities and risks related to the auditing process. The visit is also to provide students with the opportunity to bridge the gap between academic and real-world experience through enhancing social competencies and practical skills to develop their future career.

The company welcomed the students warmly and guided them with an orientation about the company which was given by Ms.Faeza Sohawon, the Audit Director, Mr. William Karadsheh, the Senior Manager in Risk Advisory and Mr. Haseeb Akram (Principal audit).  An introduction regarding the company was given by Mr. Haseeb Akram focusing on topics related to the foundation of the company, and types of services provided by the company, while Ms. Faeza Sohawon explained the external auditing process in details. In addition, Mr. William Karadsheh explained the internal auditing process and the risks related to the auditing type.  At the end, a panel discussion to exchange ideas had been conducted between the managers of Deloitte & Touch and our students. As a result of the discussion, students concluded that their course curriculum was adequately covered in practical way and there is no gap between academic side and professional side in reality.  


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