World Statistics Day at AAU

World Statistics Day at AAUThe United Nations General Assembly proclaimed on 20/10/2010 the World Statistics Day in recognition of the importance of statistics in shaping societies. On this occasion the Deanship of Students Affairs, based in Abu Dhabi,  organized an awareness lecture on ‘World Statistics Day’ in cooperation with the College of Business Administration, and which was presented by Dr. Noha Hamadeh, a member of the teaching staff of the university. She explained the meaning of statistics, its branches and the purpose of the statistical figure in wise decisions and sound policies. Dr. Hamadeh noted the accomplishments of the UAE in constructing a statistical system according to international criteria.

A number of university professors and students participated effectively and Dr. Samir Al-Barghouti, Deputy Dean of the College of Business Administration emphasized on the importance of statistics in research and how to deal with statistical results.  To follow, Dr. Amer Kasem, Chairman of the Accounting Department, stated that accurate data are passed on for clear future semantics to enable the optimal function of available resources for the best outcomes.


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