AAU Visits Khalifa Medical City

AAU Visits Khalifa Medical CityA delegate of a faculty members from al Ain university visited the pediatric clinic and day care department in Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi, to review the theraputic, rehabilitation and training services and programes.

The visit comes to interact the university with the community under it is commitment.

Among the attendance there were the Vice Dean of Business Adminstration College Dr. Samir Al-Barghouthi and number of a faculty members of Business Adminstration College.

The program included a visit for the children in their rooms, talk to them, stand up for their health and give them the moral support with giving the educational gifts  so it fell them in happiness.

The Vice Dean of Business Adminstration College Dr. Samir AL-Barghothi said that these special visits to the patients and children is a positive example of a community partenership with other authorities which AL Ain University seeks to dedicate them through adopting many community programs participating them with institutes, goverment and private authorities


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