Riham Suleiman Muqattash, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Abu Dhabi Campus

+971 2 6133555



Ph.D. Accounting, Amman Arab University, Jordan

Master of Accounting, The Arab Academy for Banking and Finance Sciences, Jordan

BSc of Accounting, Yarmouk University,Jordan

Research Interests

Auditing, Internal Auditors Objectivity, and Corporate Governance, Accounting Standards, Corporate Social Responsibility, Audit Committes.

Selected Publications

  • Muqattash, Riham. “The Effect of the Factors in the Internal Audit Department on the Internal Auditors Objectivity in the Banks Operating in the United Arab Emirates”, Journal of International Management Studies (JIMS), Volume 6, Number 3, October 2011, USA.


  • Muqattash, Riham. “Audit Committees Effectiveness and its Impact on the Objectivity of the Internal Auditors: Evidence from United Arab Emirates”, Research Journal of Finance and Accounting (IISTE), Volume 4, No.16, October 2013.


  • Muqattash, Riham & Rehman, Azhar Zia.  “Outsourcing the internal audit function in United Arab Emirates”, Global Business & Economics Anthology (ISSN 1553-1392.), Volume 1, March 2015, USA.



  • Adnan A. Al-Bashir, Adnan M. Mukattash, Riham S. Muqattash, Safwat Y. Al-Tal and Ahmad M.Qamar. “Grouping Cell Indicator: A Modified Cell Formation Grouping Measure”. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 24 (7): 2309-2320, 2016. ISSN 1990-9233. © IDOSI Publications, 2016.


  • Muqattash, Riham (2017). “Determinants Affecting the Decision to Outsource the Internal Audit Function in Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange”. International Journal of Economics and Business Research. Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 317-334.



  • Muqattash, Riham (2017).Factors Affecting Internal Auditors’ Objectivity: Individual-Level Evidence from the United Arab Emirates. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (EJASA). Vol. 10, Issue 02, October 2017, pp.542-560. 


  • Amer Qasim, Riham Muqattash & Sameer Al Barghouthi (2019). “Examining the relationship between audit committee effectiveness and audit fees: An empirical investigation on companies listed in the UAE financial markets”. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (EJASA).Vol. 12, Issue 02, April 2019, 263-276.


  •  Niankara, I.; Muqattash, R. Financial Inclusion, Saving and Borrowing Behaviors in the United Arab Emirates and the United States: A Comparative Analysis. Preprints 2018, 2018070445 (doi: 10.20944/preprints201807.0445.v1).


  • Kolsi, Mohamed & Muqattash, Riham (2018). External Auditor Attributes and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures:  Empirical evidence from ADX. (working paper).


  • Kolsi, Mohamed & Muqattash, Riham (2018). Ownership Structure, Board Characteristics and Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence from ADX listed companies. (Working paper).  


  • Muqattash, Riham & Rehman, Azhar Zia.  “Outsourcing the internal audit function in United Arab Emirates”, 26th Business & Economics Society International Conference, United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi 1-4 March 2015.


  • Muqattash, Riham. “Determinants affecting the decision to outsource the Internal Audit Function in Public companies in United Arab Emirates” The International Conference For Academic Disciplines, 31 January To 4 February, 2016.


  • Muqattash, Riham (2017). “Factors affecting the Internal Auditors Objectivity in the Individual Level Evidence from United Arab Emirates”. Business and Economics Society International Conference, January, United Arab Emirates- Abu Dhabi- Al Ain University of Science and Technology.


  • Kolsi, Mohamed & Riham Muqattash (2019). 5th Forum for Research in Economics & Finance (FREF) Thursday April 18, 2019 Convention Center, Zayed University, Dubai

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor at Al-Ain University of science and Technology UAE-Abu Dhabi since 20/2/2011 up to now.
  • Assistant Professor at Emirates College of Technology UAE –Abu Dhabi from 7/02/2009 to 19/2/2011.
  • Coordinator for the Business College at Emirates College of Technology UAE –Abu Dhabi from 1/09/2009 to 01/9/2010.
  • Depute Dean at Emirates College of Technology UAE –Abu Dhabi from 15/01/2011 to 31/1/2011.
  • Finance Manager at Yam Alkhleej General Contracting Company UAE-Abu Dhabi from 10/2008 to 2/2011.
  • Assistant Professor at Al-Balqa Applied University/Jordan-Ajloun University College since 22/5/ 2008 to 4/8/2008.
  • Head of the Business and Finance Department at Al-Balqa Applied University/Jordan-Ajloun University College from 4/9/2005 - 4/9/2007.
  • Assistant Teacher at Al-Balqa Applied ikikeerUniversity/Jordan-Ajloun University College from 1/1/1998 - 2008.
  • Instructor of Accounting at the Ministry of Education/Ajloun College from 9/11/1994 - 1/1/1998.

Teaching Courses

Principles of Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Operational Auditing, Taxation, Government Accounting,Accounting Theory, Accounting for Banks, Computerized Accounting(Alpha system), Financial Statement Analysis, Intermediate Accounting1+2, Principles of Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, Management Principles(1+2), Business Ethics.


Member in the Australian Institute of Internal Auditors form 2005-2010.

Member in the American Institute of Internal Auditors and UAA  from 2017 up to now.