Mosab Tabash, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024888


Ph.D. Finance, University of Delhi, India

MBA, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine

Research Interests

Financial Management,, Financial Markets, Islamic Finance, Monetary Policies, Corporate Governance, Financial Performance and Bank Sustainability

Selected Publications

- Al-Homaidi, E. A., Tabash, M. I., Farhan, N. H., & Almaqtari, F. A. (2018). Bank-Specific and Macro-Economic determinants of profitability of Indian commercial banks: A panel data approach. Cogent Economics & Finance, Taylor and Francis, Vo 6, Issue1. pp. 1-26,

Tabash, M. I and others (2018), “Identifying critical success factors for sustainable growth of Indian banking sector using interpretive structural modelling”, International journal of Social Economics, Emerald, Vol.45, Issue 8.

- Almaqtari FA, Al‐Homaidi EA, Tabash M. I, Farhan NH. The determinants of profitability of Indian commercial banks: A panel data approach. International Journal of Finance and Economics. Wiley, 2018;1–18.

- Mosab I. Tabash, (2018),” Islamic financial investments and economic growth evidence from emerging economy, United Arab Emirates, Int. J. Economics and Business Research, Inderscience, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp.125-139.

- Mosab I. Tabash, and Raj S. Dhankar (2014), “The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on the Stability of Islamic Banks: An Empirical Evidence, “Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance, American Research Institute for Policy Development, Vol-2, 1, pp. 367-388 New York, USA.

- Mosab I. Tabash, and Raj S. Dhankar (2014),” The Flow of Islamic Finance and Economic Growth: An Empirical Evidence from Middle East, Journal of Finance and Accounting, Vol-2, Issue-1, pp. 11-19, USA.

Teaching Courses

Financial Management, International Financial Management, Risk Management, Investment Management, Research Methodology, Operations Research.


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