Bachelor of Business Administration

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Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Learning Outcomes (PLOs) have been developed in accordance with the Qualification Framework Emirates ( QFE Level 7). On successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

No.Program Learning Outcomes Aligned with L7 QFE Descriptors 
1 Demonstrate basic knowledge of the principles, concepts and skills in the field of study. QFE 1, 3
2 Apply quantitative, analytical and information technology skills to solve practical business problems. QFE 2, 4
3 Demonstrate critical thinking skills to identify and evaluate practical approaches and strategies to solving problems in local and global business environment. QFE 2, 4, 5 
4 Evaluate and implement research tools and strategies to analyze business problems and opportunities. QFE 5, 8
5 Demonstrate autonomy and responsibility in self-directed work and personal development. QFE 9
6 Collaborate effectively and professionally in diverse teams as both members and leaders to reflect on personal and professional practice and development QFE 6, 7, 10 
7 Communicate effectively in a business context, orally and in writing, in a clear, concise, coherent and professional manner using appropriate presentation technology. QFE 8 
8 Consistently act in a professional, respectful, honest, fair and reasonable manner and to apply ethical principles and logical reasoning to make and justify business decisions.  QFE 11