AAU signs Two MOUs regarding student exchange with the (ASPU) in Jordan, and (MSU) in Malaysia

The College of Pharmacy at Al Ain University (AAU) has recently signed two significant student exchange programs with the Applied Science Private University (ASPU) in Jordan, and the Management & Science University (MSU) in Malaysia. This partnership provides our students with an exceptional opportunity to engage in immersive educational experiences abroad.

The collaboration with the (ASPU) in Jordan allows Al Ain University students to participate in a student exchange program that promotes academic and cultural exchanges between the two institutions. The students involved in the AAU-ASPU exchange program are BSc. in Pharmacy, BSc. in Nutrition, and MSc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Through this program, all pharmacy and nutrition students (at undergraduate and postgraduate levels) have the chance to study for an entire academic semester in Jordan, experiencing the vibrant Jordanian culture and engaging with the university's esteemed faculty and students.

On the other hand, the collaboration with the (MSU) in Malaysia allows our pharmacy students to spend a semester at MSU, immersing themselves in a dynamic learning environment and benefiting from the expertise of MSU's renowned faculty. Engaging with Malaysian students and the local community provides Al Ain University students with a global perspective, enhances their cultural competence, and expands their professional networks.

On another note, the joint collaboration agreement strengthens academic and knowledge exchange, including the exchange of information and data between the two institutions, as well as the development of research projects and the organization of joint events.

Dr. Khairi Mustafa (Dean of the College of Pharmacy), commented: “Al Ain University is proud to offer these opportunities to its students, enabling them to gain valuable experiences, broaden their perspectives, and develop essential skills that will benefit them personally and professionally."

Prof. Mohammad Ghattas (Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy), said: “This exchange program not only broadens the student’s academic horizons but also deepens their understanding of the Middle East region and fosters cross-cultural dialogue and appreciation”. He added, “The student exchange program emphasizes the importance of international education, promoting global understanding, and cultivating well-rounded individuals equipped to thrive in an interconnected world”. 


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