The Deanship of Student Affairs raises the slogan “Falk Tayeb” to support students of people of determination

Within the initiatives of the Red Crescent Student Club (community service team), the Deanship of Student Affairs organized a meeting for students of determination and their families, in order to learn about the difficulties, they face during their university career and find solutions to them. The meeting was attended by a number of faculty members, students and representatives from the “Ounak Ya Watan” team.

The meeting was moderated by Prof. Ibtehal Abu Rezeq - Vice President for Development and Follow-up and Dean of Student Affairs, who emphasized the importance of the People of Determination segment in the university. Emphasizing that Al Ain University is considered a friendly institution for people of determination, where all capabilities have been harnessed for students of determination.

The students of People of Determination discussed the problems they face, whether academic or administrative, and Prof. Ibtehal promised the students to study all their demands and achieve possible ones.

In turn, Dr. Sameer Duqmaq, Director of the Special Education Program at the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, indicated that the university is in the process of establishing an office to coordinate the observations and tasks of people of determination and work to solve them in order to facilitate matters and quickly respond to their demands.


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