AAU Students' Study-Abroad Arrangement with Menlo College

The College of Business at Al Ain University (AAU), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Menlo College of Atherton, California, for students to study abroad. As a result, AAU students can visit  Menlo College for short-term or long-term study. In addition, Menlo College will welcome AAU students who wish to spend a semester or a year or two abroad in its program run on its campus in Atherton, California, USA, provided they meet the eligibility requirements established by Menlo College.

The AAU students will have three options to study at Menlo College.

Option 1: The students upon completing 30 credits with AAU, can continue at  Menlo College and complete 60 credits with them, and will return to AAU for the remaining 33 credits to meet their requirements for the ‘BBA’ degree program at AAU.

Option 2: The AAU Students will complete 60 credits at AAU and will pursue with Menlo College for the remaining 60 credits and will acquire, Menlo College's degree ‘Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)’.

Option 3: AAU students shall register for courses offered by Menlo College each semester as defined in the Menlo College course catalog, provided that the appropriate prerequisites are met. Apart from this, students will have the option of the Silicon Valley Immersion Program (Twenty Working days, Twenty visits to organizations in Silicon Valley) offered by Menlo College. 


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