Awareness Lecture on Safe Investment in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Exchange

The Deanship of student Affairs at Al Ain University, in cooperation with the College of Business and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange organized a virtual workshop of Safe Investment in Financial Markets, was presented by Mr. Omar Al Sarkal, Manager of Market Surveillance Section.

Mr. Al Sarkal talked about the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Exchange, its role in the oversight of financial markets and their employees, educate and protect the rights of investors, and follow up on the commitment of listed companies.

He compared between the investment in securities and investment opportunities in the market, such as; real estate, gold and the advantages for investors on the stock market. Also emphasized on, the challenges and how to face them, types of securities that can be invested, and the basics of investing. He also compared between the uses of various financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, and instruments, in addition to the composition of portfolios and investment through mutual funds.



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