Entrepreneurship Exhibition promotes Innovation among students

For the second time, the college of business at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi campus, has organized the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition, which presented students’ projects which are related to the design thinking framework according to Stanford standards and regulations. The exhibition was attended by Dr. Amer Qasem, AAU Vice President, academic and administrative staffs, AAU students and visitors from outside university.

In this event, each group of students who enrolled in the “Innovation & Entrepreneurship” course had to present a new project in terms of creativity and implementation (Prototypes).  They presented more than 45 ideas in various categories under the supervision of three faculty members from the College of Business: Dr. Jamil Razmak, Dr. Wejdan Farhan and Dr. Fayeq Khanfar.

At the end of this event, students and visitors had voted for the best project through an innovative voting system organized by Dr. Nuha Hamada, from the College of Engineering. Three out of 45 projects were top ranked, as follows: “My Health” project got the first rank with 58 votes, “Jacket Bag” project got the second rank with 51 votes and “ZenSafe” project got the third rank with 37 votes.  

Overall, the activities for this exhibition had generally been built to enhance the creative mindset that enables innovation and entrepreneurship and explores where innovative and entrepreneurial ideas come from. The result of this exhibition impacts community partners through connecting students and teachers more deeply to their local community; enhancing the value of volunteering among society; strengthening the communication between the two parties: the community and the university.

Finally, these types of activities will positively impact the Teacher Learning Experience (TLE) and the relationships between the students and teachers. In addition, this will introduce new ideas, to teachers, with original creative thinking that could help them in their teaching and research activities.


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