Business Students learn about the working mechanism of "Jotun"


The College of Business Students at Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi Campus, visited “Jotun” company as a part of the student's interaction with the local community, and to achieve one of the outputs of Managerial Accounting course. And, it was organized under the supervision of Dr. Reham Maqtash.

Mr. Yasser Allam, General Manager, met the students and briefed them about the company since its establishment, its importance among other companies, and its branches over the world.

Mr. Fathi Saad, Financial Manager, presented a valuable lecture to educate students about management accounting in practice, in terms of preparing budget estimates, calculating manufacturing costs and accounting standards, accounting programs, the challenges that the company faces in terms of accounting and how to decide to open new production line.

The visit achieved its objectives of identifying Jotun Company, which is one of the largest paint companies in the world.


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