Borouge Innovation Center hosts AAU students


A delegation of MBA students from the Abu Dhabi Campus of Al Ain University visited Borouge Innovation Center as part of their Strategies for Managing Innovation and Change course. Students were introduced to the latest innovative technologies and applications in the plastics manufacturing process.

The aim of the visit was to introduce students to ways of shaping innovation and creating change and harnessing the power of analytical and creative thinking to find and apply scientific solutions to problems via research and experiments. The visit also helped students to see linkages between the course’s theoretical content and real-life examples of the impact of innovation on the final manufactured product.  

Dr. Ahmed Ghandour, Associate Professor at Al Ain University and course lecturer, said that the main objective of the visit was to increase understanding of the course’s theoretical components, linking them to the concept of innovation and so contributing to the further development of the course’s Masters students’ research projects. He added, “We at Al-Ain University for Science and Technology are proud to collaborate with Borouge Innovation Centre”.

Borouge Innovation Center is a global center for research and development. With a focus on developing polymer materials, the Centre works to ensure that the specifications, performance and efficiency of plastic polymer conversion processes are carried out to the highest standards.  

Amongst Borouge Innovation Centre’s major achievements to date; the successful registration of more than 250 patents, representing up to 30% of the total patents registered in the UAE by the World Intellectual Property Organization.


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