An "Environment Day" at Al Ain University


The College of Business at Al Ain University, organized, an “Environment Day” at Al Ain Campus, under the slogan "Towards a Safe Environment", under the supervision of Dr. Shorouq Al Eter and Dr. Mosaab Tabash.

This event comes within the afforestation week. In order to raise the community awareness, the event focused on, the environmental risks, how to work towards reducing them and to find suitable alternatives.

The environmental day included planting agricultural seedlings within the university premises which was distributed by the Community Service Department of Al Ain City Municipality, Where Prof. Ghaleb El Refae, AAU President participated with the AAU family in planting. Also, a lecture on environmental awareness was presented by Dr. Adel Ahmed from the College of Business, which aims to raise the level of environmental awareness among the AAU students about environmental risks and ways to preserve them.

The "Environmental Day" at Al-Ain University of Science and Technology aims to raise awareness on the importance of preserving the environment and from the AAU’s belief in the importance of the environment on the human health.



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