AAU concludes the Business & Economics Society International Conference



Al Ain University concluded the 30th Business & Economics Society International Conference, where it was organized by the university in collaboration with the Business and Economics Society International in the United States. The conference was held in the university’s campus at Abu Dhabi with nearly 150 participants and attendees from more than 20 countries to be updated with the most prominent issues in business and economy fields. 

Three Keynote speakers were hosted by the university, Dr. Sultan Abu-Orabi –Secretary General of the Association of the Arab Universities –Jordan, Dr. Adam Fadlalla –Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Information Systems, College of Business and Economics, Qatar University and Prof. Demetri Kantarelis –Professor of Economics from Assumption College –USA. The conference presented the most important issues and developments on the economic sector and in the business field through different sessions and presentations for more than 100 research papers in various economic subjects.

AAU Chancellor, Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh expressed his delight with the cooperation between Al Ain University and the Business and Economics Society International to host this international conference for the second time, And his pride in the success of the conference, He also stressed on the need of encouraging academicians and researchers to display their achievements and develop the competencies, where, the University is keen on applying the latest international trends in Education and Scientific Research to improve the quality of its academic programs and reach international standards.

For his part, AAU President expressed his pride in hosting this international conference at Al Ain University, stressing on the university’s keenness to keep abreast of scientific developments and the scientific research which is an important factor in the nation’s advancement, considering that such conferences create cooperation opportunities between relevant sectors, and build communication between businessmen and academicians.

considering it as an opportunity for academicians and researchers to exchange experiences and discuss ideas.

Prof. Refae provided his thanks to all participants, stressing on that the university is always ready to embrace and support such scientific conferences that considered as an opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss ideas between for academicians and researchers from inside and outside the university. He also recommended the researchers to keep update with the new things, encouraged them to do more researches, stressing on the active role of the new generation in the scientific research fields and the importance of supporting and encouraging them.

The Organizing Committee of the Conference drew some recommendations that would serve the economy, business and education fields in the United Arab Emirates:

1-    Take care of the scientific research in various educational institutions and determine "Scientific Research" year such as the “Reading year” and “Goodness Year”.

2-    Concerted joint efforts to activate the scientific research activity between the various scientific institutions in Gulf, Arab and foreign.

3-    Lead the scientific research towards "big data" topic in the United Arab Emirates.

4-    Directing researches to enrich the innovation and entrepreneurship topics and the quality of education in the United Arab Emirates.

5-    Increased the research in health care, business ethics, business and the economy in the United Arab Emirates.

6-    The conference recommended in the importance of the artificial intelligence techniques to predict the amount of energy demand and thus provide the energy required from all natural resources, alternative and renewable energy, to keep the sustainability of the balance between supply and demand in the United Arab Emirates.

7-    The Conference recommended focusing on the information quality to make the right business decisions.

8-    The Conference recommended the using of modern methods which is based on algorithms models to simulate nature in the business and tourism applications, medicine, and engineering in the United Arab Emirates.


From his side, Prof. Kantarelis appreciated the Al Ain University for organizing and hosting the Business & Economics Society International Conference, He also expressed his pleasure of working with the university, praised the efforts that were made by all officials and organizers of the conference in order to show the best of its closure and wished more cooperation in the future.



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