Information Systems Competencies in Accounting Education

أغسطس 08, 2017


Publisher: IRJAF

/ Adel Ahmed

Rapid developments in information technology (IT) and Information systems (IS) have posed many challenges and changes to the accounting profession. This has resulted in a need for quicker and more decisive action by accounting education to integrate the IT/IS Competencies into accounting curriculum as requirement for new professional services and skills for accountants. This study initially obtain opinions about the current state and the future for IS into accounting programmes. Secondly, it assesses the level of IS skills and knowledge which is included in accounting programmes now and in three years’ time. A survey using a mail questionnaire was used to collect the opinions and views about IS in accounting education. The conclusion of this paper is that the accounting educational program in Egypt should provide students with a firm foundation in the functional areas of business and a foundation in computing technologies. These will enable graduates to pursue both technical and managerial careers' incorporating leading edge technologies in public and private organisations. The integration of IS into the accounting curriculum should be designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required of graduates entering employment. Furthermore, it should seek to educate and to provide the knowledge needed for these people to plan for and adopt IS techniques in business and management. Keywords: Information Systems, Information Technology, Accounting Education Developing country