Duties and Responsibilities


The Human Resources Unit at AAU renders a wide range of services. The key services are mentioned below:

  • Job identification, advertisement, screening selection and recruitment.
  • Job evaluation and grading.
  • Issuance of employment visas, contracts, and associated paper work.
  • Employee Relations Management.
  • Provision of advisory service on employment legislation/terms and condition of service.
  • Management of pre and post-arrival arrangements for new staff orientation and onboarding etc.
  • Designing Training and development programs according to the requirements of the organization and Units.
  • Management of compensation and benefits.
  • Overseeing Time and Leave management.
  • Performance management and Career Development.
  • Development and review of HR policies and procedures.
  • Budgeting and Periodic Reporting.
  • Provision of support on conflict management i.e. disciplinary and grievance advice.
  • Employees Separation management