A system evaluation theory analyzing value and results chain for institutional accreditation in Oman

Apr 01, 2017

DOI: do1 10.1108/QAE-06-2016-0030

Published in: Quality Assurance in Education

Publisher: Emerald Insight

/ Rene Y Paquibut

This paper aims to apply the system evaluation theory (SET) to analyze the institutional quality standards of Oman Academic Accreditation Authority using the results chain and value chain tools.In systems thinking, the institutional standards are connected as input, process, output and feedback and leads to the achievement of the final result. This allows the analysis of the value-creating chain of activities and the chain of results. Quality assurance can be achieved by higher education institutions when these standards and criteria are viewed as a chain of achievable results and value creating activities.The output of the analysis is a results chain and value chain map of institutional quality standards that will be useful in strategic management and quality standards compliance.

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