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Bachelor of Business Administration - Management Information Systems




Information systems are used in virtually every profession. Management Information Systems are the study of technology's role in making strategic business decisions. If information systems are a technology field that extends into business, the management information systems is a business field that extends into technology. The MIS professional views issues from a global perspective that encompasses the entire organization and the broader industry and business environment in which it operates.



The Management Information Systems (MIS) specialization aims to produce well-rounded business oriented graduates who can contribute significantly in the management, planning, design, and implementation of information systems. 



The Management Information Systems specialization is designed to develop the students' critical thinking and understanding of MIS theories and practices, to advance their business and technical aptitude to improve their proficiency to use information systems for business process improvement and innovation and to develop their ability to contribute to the decision making process information sharing.


Graduation Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems, a student must successfully complete 123 credit hours, with a minimum (CGPA) of 2 out of 4.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this program, students should be able to: 

  • Apply the principles of systems analysis and design to fundamental business systems within the organization.
  • Integrate MIS in different organizational levels and business functions.
  • Explain and develop an effective project plan.
  • Apply effective collaboration skills in IT project teams. 
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in IT solutions.
  • Design and develop a database using general principles and standards.


Job Opportunities 

  • System Analysts, Designers, and Developers 
  • E-commerce Designers 
  • Programmers