The College of Engineering honors outstanding students in extracurricular activities

The College of Engineering in Abu Dhabi Campus represented by Dr. Faten Kharbat, Deputy Dean of the College, organized an honoring event for the engineering students. The event aimed to honor all the students who either participated or organized different events during the academic year of 2021/2022 such as Ramadan Competition, pi Day, EXPO competition, EXPO workshops, and Althea Day. 

In addition, the college intended to honor the winners in Ramadan Competition ‘Your Brain is a Treasure’ that was organized by Dr. Nuha Hamada, Eng. Huda Al Heeh, Eng. Esraa Hijah and Eng. Esraa Nashash.

The aim of this event was to thank the faculty for their effort and contribution during the past year, and to thank the students for their good work, and to encourage all students to persevere.


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