Sustainability and Environmental Measures for Engineers

As part of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student chapter events, a workshop on sustainability and environmental measures for engineers was organized for engineering faculty and students. The workshop’s organizers were Dr. Abdulla Sharo and Eng. Esraa Hijah.

Eng. Lubna Sinan, a sustainability advisor, and Eng. Abeer Abu Ali, a PQP certified Civil Engineer, delivered the workshop. The workshop was designed to introduce engineering faculty and students to the concept of sustainability, along with the main environmental measures in all development projects. Different topics about sustainability rating systems and standards on national and global levels were discussed, in addition to showing and discussing several real examples from actual projects related to sustainability here in the UAE.

This workshop was a great step into raising the awareness about sustainability and environment, and it is part of the continues support of the college of engineering towards its faculty and students in terms of knowledge and preparation for real life. 


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