Al Ain University signs an MOU with the "Educators Without Borders" organization

Al Ain University (AAU) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Educators Without Borders International (EWBI), to develop partnerships and enhance cooperation with the community.
The MOU was signed by Prof. Ghaleb Al-Refae, AAU President, and Omar Al-Buraiki, the Secretary-General of EWBI, at Al Ain University (Al Ain Campus).

This memorandum aims to attract a number of lecturers and experts working at the university to participate in the volunteer events and activities implemented by Educators Without Borders International as volunteer trainers by providing training programs for teachers, administrators, students, and parents in needy and less fortunate areas.

The terms of the memorandum also aim to train teachers, provide an opportunity for educational and administrative staff and students to participate in various events and activities, support and facilitate conducting research and studies and benefit from capabilities, and exchange experiences. It also aims to provide lessons, lectures, and educational workshops that contribute to the development of education in the targeted areas, and full support in the field of research and scientific publishing, and promote the values of volunteer work among professors and students.

It is worth mentioning that Educators Without Borders International is an international organization based in Geneva. It seeks to provide training, rehabilitation, and awareness services for students, teachers, and administrators to improve the quality of education and enhance access to education for the less fortunate in areas that live in difficult conditions due to poverty, wars, and natural disasters.


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