A workshop about “SmartPLS” Software for the Business College


The College of Business at Al Ain University, Al Ain Campus, conducted a workshop about “SmartPLS” software, presented by Dr. Ahmed Shuhaiber, for the academic staff and students of the College of Business.

The workshop included two interactive sessions. The first session introduced the software and how to use it in terms of fully testing and validating a research model through the structural and measurement testing phases, by demonstrating the scores of item loading, cross loading, convergent validity, reliability estimates, discriminant validity, beta values, t-statistics, and P-values. While, the second session opened the door for discussion among the participants and Dr. Ahmed in terms of handling different cases and results, in addition to interpreting not straightforward findings.

It is worth to mention that, this workshop is the second training on SmartPLS that is delivered by Dr. Ahmed, after the one conducted at AAU, Abu Dhabi Campus, last year.  And, it aims to keep the academic members and students updated with the latest developments in the business Field. 


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