AD campus organized a lecture entitled “Knowledge Management”



Anxious to educate the students, Al Ain Universityhosted Dr. John Girard from Middle Georgia State University, and who is engaged in the Fulbright specialist program from the United States, it was organized by the College of Business Administration –Al Ain Campus- to present a lecture entitled “Knowledge Management”, for the Business Administration students.

Dr. Girard started with a brief about the Knowledge in general, the advantages of knowledge, its history and the originality.

Then, he clarified the difference between the knowledge and data, counted the types of knowledge, and the exchange or transfer of knowledge during time.

After that, Dr. Girard defined Knowledge Management, talked about the Models and how a person can build and manage knowledge, also he defined the concept of big data and how it can be exploited to benefit the human progress and special projects in medicine, science and business.

The lecture was attended by a number of professors and students of the university, and concluded with the questions and discussion.


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