AAU organized a workshop about the Social Support Centers in UAE


As part of the professional Development Units’ aim to build engagement with the outsiders, The Professional  Development unit of Al Ain University arranged a presentation about Social Support Center  services by Major Mohamed Nasser Al Ketbi -Administrative Support Manager.

The presentation provided the faculty and the  staff more information about  the aims, goals and services which Social Support Centers provide  to tackle the challenges that students and staffs can face in the  UAE society.  Also, the presentation provided information about the  challenges that can contain and overcome when the civil society organization jointly collaborate with Abu Dhabi Police,  represented by Social Support Centers.

On his side, Dr. Adel Ahmed, director of Professional Development Unit stressed that the session will help the university faculty and staff to support our students to sign and post them regarding the social support and psychological assistance  which will have an impact on our students’ learning achievement at the university.


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