AAU Organized A Seminar about the Big Data Research CBA


The College of Business Administration of Al Ain University -Al Ain Campus- organized a research seminar entitled “The Big Data: The Future of KM” for the College academic in collaboration with the Fulbright Scholar Program in the United States and the Middle Georgia State University was presented by Prof. John Girard from the Middle Georgia State University, and who is engaged in the Fulbright Scholar program.

During the workshop, Dr. Girard focused on what is the Big Data and the difference between Big data and data mining. He stress that Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them because the Big Data is everywhere as lots of data is being collected and warehoused such as Web data, e-commerce, purchases at grocery stores, Bank/Credit Card transactions and Social Network. He also talked about the key enablers for the growth of “Big Data” such as increase of storage capacities, increase of processing power and availability of data.

The seminar was good opportunity for all the business academic to have a research dialogue and information exchange among all the college of Business Administration about the Big Data area.


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