1. General purpose lab including HPLC, spectrophotometer, centrifuges, -800C freezer.
  2. Cell culture lab including Biosafety cabinet level 2, -200C freezer, CO2 incubator, centrifuges, inverted microscopy.
  3. Biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology lab including CO2 incubator, PCR machine, Real-time PCR machine, gel electrophoresis, Western blotting, microbiology equipment, centrifuges, fluorometer, fluorescence microscopy and immuno-precipitation equipment.
  4. Chemical synthesis lab including a fume hood that is equipped with a positive-pressure nitrogen line system and a closed-system reflux apparatus, a reduced-pressure rotary evaporator and a high-vacuum negative-pressure pump, silica gel chromatography.
  5. Molecular modeling lab including high performing workstations along with all necessary software for docking, pharmacophore modelling and molecular dynamics simulations.
Facility/Lab Name Equipment Equipment Brand Equipment Specification Equipment Description Image
Chemical Synthesis Lab High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) JASCO -PU-4180-LPG RHPLC QUARTERNARY PUMP COMPACT FULL FUNCTION --HPLC PUMP.· INU-7725i Manual Injector Unit for extensible bay.· UV-4070 UV/VIS DETECTOR 190-900 NM (D2 + WI LAMPS).· C18 & C8 columns To identify, quantify and purify a particular analyte or compound
Rotary evaporator STUART-UK Speed range: 10 to 10RPM, vaccume:3mm, dimentions (W*D*H): 385*335*470-610mm, electrical supply: 100-240V.Receiving flask 1000ml, florentine flask 1000ml, feed tube with stopcock, vaccume seal, conical joint clip, spherical joint clip. For efficient removal of solvents from the samples at low pressure by evaporation  
Bath sonicator Elma Schmidbauer GmbH, Germany U: 220-240V, F:50/60Hz, IP:20, P:35W Agitate particles in a solution  
Accu Therm Microtube shaking incubator Labnet-CHINA Model I-4002-HCS, power:220-240V, 50/60Hz 150w, fuse:250V 1.5A To simultaneously incubate and shake samples, allowing scientists to control mixing speed and temperature settings  
Centrifuge Eppendorf model 5424, rotary knobs, refrigerated, with rotor FA-45-24-11, 230 V/50-60Hz Separate particles from the solvent using high speed rotation  
Pharmaceutical Technology and Biochemistry Lab Bench-top centrifuge HERMLE Labortechnik GmbH- GERMANY · Max. Speed: 16000 rpm• Max. RCF: 24325 xg• Max. Volume: 6 x 250ml• Speed range: 200 - 16000 rpm• Temperature range: -20°C to 40°C• Running time: 59 min 50 s / 10 s increments, 99 h 59 min / 1 min increments• Dimensions (WxHxD): 72 cm x 36 cm x 51 cm• Weight: 77 kg Separate particles from the solvent using high speed rotation  
ChemiPro camera system Cleaver Scientific Ltd. UK Camera for Agarose gel and Western blot- BLC UV to Blue light converter- Visible light converter, Size 30.5x33cm- 72mm Safe Stain Filter for gelPRO/chemiPRO- ChemiPRO RGB & IR Lighitng Module Camera for Agarose gel and Western blot  
96-well microplate reader Thermo Fisher Scientific-Finland Model: 1510-03956, wavelengths from 200 to 1000nm To measure chemical, biological or physical reactions, properties and analytes within the well of a microplate  
Freeze-dryer ABFREEZ INSTRUMENTS GROUP CO, CHINA Dry chamber size (D*H): Ф260× 465MM.Total shelf area: 0.12 M2; shelf size(MM): Ф200*4PCS; shelf space height (MM): 70 Shelf number 4 PCS; trays number: 4 PCS.Vial load capacxity: Ф12MM: 920 PCS; Ф16MM: 480 PCS; Ф22MM: 260 PCS.Sample load capacity: 1. 2 Lflask: 8 PCS; Dry rack. To remove a solvent (usually water) from dissolved or dispersed solids  
Gel electrophoresis BIORAD-US Horizontal electrophoresis system 15*15cm tray, with casting gates, model 1704402 To separate mixtures of DNA, RNA, or proteins according to molecular size  
Molecular Biology Lab PCR thermal cycler unit Cleaver Scientific Ltd. UK Compatible with 96-well plates, 0.2ml tubes and tube stripsProtocol optimization selectable from 1 to 24°C across the entire temperature control range from 4-99°CPrecision temperature control increases both speed and efficiency Amplifies the DNA  
Q-PCR machine BIORAD-US Model CFX96,C1000 Touch,Maximum ramp rate, °C/sec; 5, Average ramp rate, °C/sec; 3,Lid, °C Heats up to 105, Temperature range:0–100 C,Range of excitation/emission wavelengths,; 450–730 nM, Operating systems:Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Amplifies and detects DNA  
Immunofluorescence and fluorescence Microscopy OPTIKA- ITALY Model: B-510BF, Head: Trinocular (fixed 50/50), 30° inclined, 360° rotating. Interpupillary distance: Adjustable between 50 and 75 mm.Objectives:– IOS W-PLAN 4x/0.10– IOS W-PLAN 10x/0.25– IOS W-PLAN 40x/0.65– IOS W-PLAN 100x/1.25 (Oil). Condenser: Swing-out N.A. 0.2/0.9, with iris diaphragm, focusable and Visualizing fine detail of an object  
Synergy H1- Hybrid multimode reader Agilent BioTeck. USA UV-Vis absorbanceFluorescence intensity/ polarizationLuminescence. Microplate types:6- to 384-well plates and Take3 Micro-Volume Plates. Read methos:Endpoint, kinetic, spectral scanning, well area scanning Measure chemical, biological or physical reactions, properties and analytes within the well of a microplate  
Cell Culture Lab Inverted Microscope OPTIKA- ITALY Model: IM-3.Observation mode: Brightfield, phase contrast.Head: Trinocular (2-position 100/0, 50/50), 45° inclined. Objectives: IOS LWD W-PLAN PH 10x/0.25IOS LWD W-PLAN PH 20x/0.40IOS LWD W-PLAN PH 40x/0.65 Observing living cells or organisms at the bottom of a largecontainer (e.g., a tissue culture flask)  
Centrifuge Eppendorf 5810R, 230 V/50-60Hz, rotor A-4-62 and 15/50ml adapters Max. capacity of conical tubes per rotor: 36*15ml/16*50ml with: deep well plate rotor, and microtube rotor with aerosol-tight QuickLock rotor lid Separate particles from the solvent using high speed rotation  
Mini Centrifuge Ohaus. USA 100-240V, FC5306 Angle rotor 4*8 tube PCR strips, Angle rotor 8*1.5/2ml, Adapters for 0.2ml tubes (8pcs). Adapters for 0.5ml (8 pcs) Separate particles from the solvent using high speed rotation  
Cell culture incubator Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany C170i, non-segmented inner door, handle right side, water and humidity monitoring package, 220-240 N/50-60 Hz, 180 °C High temperature disinfection, capacity 170 L (6.0 ft³) Maintain a constant temperature and high humidity for the growth of tissue culture cells under a CO2 atmosphere.  
Biosafety cabinet (Class II, Type A2) LABCONCO, U.S. Catalog # 302381151
  • Nominal Width: 3'
  • Protection Type: Product and Personnel
  • Nominal Sash Opening: 8" (20 cm)
  • Built In Options: UV Light, Valves (Air, Vacuum, etc.), Cord, Cable & Tubing Portal
  • Region: International
  • Base Stand: Included
  • Power Cord & Plug: British (UK), 230V
provide personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous particulates such as agents that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment. Other appropriate applications include work with antineoplastic drugs, genetic material, asbestos and additional substances that generate hazardous airborne particulates  
Molecular Modelling Lab Database building and designing, ligand and protein preperation and visualization using MOE software Chemical Computing Group MOE2020 To design, build and filter large ligand libraries, prepare and visualize proteins and ligand-protein interactions.  
Virtual screening and docking using Maestro software Schrödinger Maestro 2021-1 To prepare and assess the druggability of proteins, prepare large ligand libraries for virtual screening and molecular docking.  
MD simulation using Amber software AmberTools AMBER18 To build and visualize 3D dynamic models of biomolecules in environmental, biological and engineered systems.