Fayez Al Shdaifat, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Al Ain Campus

+971 3 7024888



PhD Business Management graduate specialized human resources management, North Malaysia University, Malaysia, with honors 2014.

Master degree General administration specialized in Scientific Management, University of Central Michigan- USA with honors in 2000.

Bachelor degree in Military science, Mutah University/ 1997.

Diploma in Management Science and leadership/ USA 2000.

Research Interests

Business Management,  human resources management

Selected Publications

  • Al Shdaifat, H. Fayez (2013).The Effect of International Human Resource Management Practices on Military Assignment Effectiveness among Leaders Deputed on United Nations Missions. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting Vol 4, No 17 .
  • Al Shdaifat, H. Fayez.(2013). Adaptive performance on military assignment effectiveness among leaders deputed on United Nations missions. Global Business and Economics Research Journal, 2(7): 28-40.
  • Al Shdaifat, H. FayezThe Impact of Global Leadership Skills and International Human Resource Management Practices on Effectiveness among Jordanian Military Leaders Deputed on United Nations Peace Keeping Missions,  6th National Human Resource Management Conference 2012, Malaysia, Malacca.  5th December 5, 2012.

Teaching Courses

Human resource management Development, Organizational behavior, International business, Managing performance, Principal of Management, research methodology.


The Impact of Reward System and Motivation on Doctors Performance in Private Health Sector United Arab Emirates. An Empirical Study

Published in: International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research SCOPUS 15&23 Dec 2017

Dec 17, 2017

The Impact of Reward System and Motivation on Doctors Performance in Private Health Sector United Ar Numerous studies have discovered the impact of employee reward and motivation systems on employee performance and organization success. The objective of the research was to study the impact of reward and motivation systems on Doctors performance among the private health sector in United Arab Emirates UAE. Analysing the theory in the rewards in private health sector and how that effect their motivation and achieve organization goals. Most private health organizations today would like to have their doctor’s motivated and ready to work, but do not understand what truly motivates a person. Health organizations could be more efficient their physicians have an interest in the future of the organizations they are working in. There are essential needs to be met for a doctors, to succeed in the workplace, the private health care industry consists of different types of doctor’s compensation such as pay. This current research is a quantitative research tries to identify the impact of motivation on performance of 82 doctors operating in healthcare organization in the city of Dubai Dhabi UAE.. A questionnaire have been used to gather the necessary information. Results revealed many important points, and the researcher has proposed some important recommendations which, if implemented will improve the performance of doctors and their organizations. Key word: Rewards, Motivation, Performance, Doctors, Private Health Sector ab Emirates