Goals and Objectives

 (2021-2025) Strategic GoalsObjectives / Initiatives
1. Academic Programs Strengthen AAU’s commitment to deliver quality undergraduate and graduate programs that are characterized by rigorous disciplinary depth and breadth, with a high level of direct interaction between faculty and students (*SDG 4 & 9). 1.1. Promote curricular reform and innovation in all areas of the academic programs.
1.2. Offer a variety of well-supported quality programs that are consistent with the University’s educational mission.
1.3. Secure needed laboratories, classrooms, and workspaces that are needed for faculty, staff, and students.
1.4. Support all library functions.
1.5. Promote and support the efficient and effective use of technology in the academic and administrative process to enhance curricular needs.
2. Faculty Staff Continue to recruit and retain a dedicated and culturally diverse faculty whose teaching is informed by research and embodies learning experiences that enable students to improve academically and personally (*SDG 4, 5, 8, 10, & 16). 2.1. Support and enhance the professional stature of the faculty body.
2.2. Implement and strengthen existing policies for improved communication between faculty and administration, thus involving faculty input into the decision-making process, and an enhanced sense of shared responsibility for the University management.
2.3. Recruit AAU Graduates, graduated with distinction.
3. Students Improve the recruitment, retention, and graduation rates within the student body, while increasing the number of well prepared and academically able students who wish to enter a sustainable environment that facilitates the development of competent, and creative professionals (*SDG 4, 5, & 10). 3.1. Develop an effective enrollment management program that is linked to the academic programs’ needs.
3.2. Improve the AAU reputation in local high schools, and other educational institutions.
3.3. Review and coordinate all enrollment-related works, programs, services, and activities.
3.4. Enhance the current academic advising process.
4. Scientific Research Foster research and support faculty members to secure the time, financial support, and collaborations to maximize their success in research, scholarship, and other sustainable activities (*SDG 4). 4.1. Articulating at the unit level different research activities and plans to achieve research goals.
4.2. Fostering outreach to the community and region and maintaining an online directory of faculty to assist them in their research.
4.3. Recognizing and rewarding the faculty and staff’s efforts in research to enhance productivity.
5. Learning Resources Secure and strengthen the University’s information technology and media services to support both the academic and administrative functions of the University and the deployment of new and innovative teaching and research technologies as they become available (*SDG 4 & 9). 5.1. Providing an adequate and predictable mechanism for funding informational and institutional technologies, so that AAU can satisfy the technology needs of its students, staff, and faculty, now and in the future.
5.2. Strengthening the maintenance and upgrading of the University’s information technology infrastructure, facilities, and hardware.
5.3. Strengthening the information technology services and the instructional technology services and support systems that are offered at the University.
5.4. Promoting and supporting the efficient and effective use of academic and administrative technologies that satisfy the faculty and curricular needs.
6. Community Engagement Contribute for a sustainable society and the local community, by addressing their educational, cultural, social, and economic interests (*SDG 4, 16, & 17). 6.1. Supporting collaborative partnerships with schools, businesses, corporations, government agencies, community organizations, community development organizations, religious institutions, and civic organizations to provide, develop, and implement community-building efforts.
6.2. Participating in elementary and secondary education delivery systems to improve teaching and learning at all levels.
6.3. Promoting internal and external activities that help outreach AAU.
6.4. Seeking membership in local, regional, and international associations.
6.5. Collaborating with other academic institutions in the areas of teaching, research, consultancy, and training programs.

* Sustainable Development Goals